Events June 3, 2020

Social Media Marketing | Shelves

A retail store that happens to concur the Saudi cosmetics market in March 2021 and was immediately casted by our charm and magic. We offered them a booming spells Which not after much achieved most of our bewitched partner’s objectives.


  • Increase followers and engagement.
  • Reach new target audiences in other cities for their new branches.
  • Lower the response time.
  • Increase website visits.
  • Increase sales of slow-moving products.
  • Raise brand awareness.

What our spells actually did:

  • 27,511 store sessions coming from Instagram only.
  • 17,000 new followers (organically without paid ads.
  • Many slow-moving products went out of stock.


But as one of our ancestors said: “A true witch is tested by a true challenge” and our challenge was a restricted ads account; But we where up to the challenge. Widen the audience range and Engagement growth are two of the most difficult spells especially if they were done 100% organically till we created a miracle spell that restored the AD management account and we all lived in peace.


Taking such a successful business to the digital world to reach a wider range of audiences and Achieves higher profit ratios.

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